About Us

Since 1994 Fleetwood & Associates, Inc. has handled customer satisfaction follow up calls for many dealerships. Here’s how Fleetwood & Associates, Inc. can fill a niche in your customer service program and help you build long-term customer relationships:

  • Our customer service program offers you a team of trained telephone representatives who speak directly with each of your customers. We continuously achieve a 80 - 90% contact rate.

  • While assessing the quality of service work, Fleetwood & Associates, Inc. will educate your customers on the importance of the manufacturer survey.

  • You receive a daily fax/e-mail regarding Customer Issues, so you and/or your staff can deal with the problems immediately.

  • You receive weekly and monthly reports regarding the overall perception of your customer service, statistics on your customers, and reports on the effectiveness of your staff. This includes log sheets with all customer comments, as well as an analysis of department trends.

  • Fleetwood & Associates, Inc. serves as the professional link in showing customers your appreciation for their business. Calls are continuously made no interruption for vacation, sick time or employee turnover.

  • Fleetwood & Associates, Inc., as an independent customer service evaluation company, obtains valuable, unbiased and objective information about your service-related departments and employees.

  • Fleetwood & Associates, Inc. customizes your customer follow-up program to fill your company’s specific needs. You have complete flexibility regarding scripts, questions we ask and reports.

  • Fleetwood & Associates, Inc. has no monthly retainer fees, no set-up fees and no contracts. We bill at the end of each month.