Services Offered

Sales / Service Follow-Up Calls
It has always been Fleetwood & Associates, Inc. belief that Customer Satisfaction Follow Up Calls are a large contribution in building a long-term relationship between the dealer and the customer. While assessing the quality of the customer’s visit, we will also educate your customer on the importance of the manufacturer survey.

Body Shop Follow-Up Calls
Not only are we ensuring the quality of work in the body shop, but we are also encouraging the customer to utilize your dealership’s service department. Our telephone reps are trained to listen to the customer, and if the car is going to be totaled, we make sure to obtain all pertinent information to pass on to the sales department.

Inactive Customer Calls
Do you want to know why your customers are not returning to your dealership? Maybe a quick call and incentive will bring them back! We will call your customers who have not been in to your dealership for six months or longer to see if we can generate a sales lead or a service visit.

Parts Reminder Calls
A call to advise your customer that his or her part is available and then schedule the visit, will ensure you don’t have to restock the part.

Prospective Customers
Customers who walk off the lot to visit other dealerships are normally considered a “lost” sale. We will call the customer to find out if he/she purchased elsewhere. If not, then we will see if we will attempt to set a time for the customer to visit with your sales department.

Oil Change/Service Reminder Calls
We will call your customers who are ready for their next oil change and set an appointment, guaranteeing the customer doesn’t take his/her business to another service department.