Telephone Representatives

Fleetwood & Associates, Inc. has built it's reputation on quality and accuracy. This level of professionalism can only be attained through the acquisition of well trained, highly motivated professionals in our work force.

Our strict hiring policies have enabled us to maintain this level of professionalism among our staff members and our standards are constantly re-evaluated and updated to meet the changing demands of our industry.

  • Fleetwood & Associates, Inc. is not a phone room mentality. We train our telephone reps to know when to make calls and when not to, like during the Super Bowl, World Series or other important events.

  • Our Telephone Reps ask dealership-specific questions while conversing with your customer – listening to what is on the customer’s mind with care and concern, never hurried or survey-like.

  • Fleetwood & Associates, Inc. often uses the same telephone rep on the same dealership thus allowing our callers to get to know your customers and the best time of day to reach them.

  • Telephone Reps will attempt to make contact 7 or 8 times during a 3 to 4 day period, at various times of day. We make calls all week and on the weekends as requested by the dealership.

  • Our Telephone Reps consistently maintain an 80% – 90% contact rate.

  • Many of our Telephone Reps have been with us for over 5 years, several for 10+ years.

  • We offer Bilingual Telephone Reps.

  • On-going training and quality control ensure professional representation of YOUR dealership