Fleetwood & Associates, Inc. tries to make the process of receiving the customer information as simple as possible. Often we can pull customer information directly from the dealership’s computer system, or from an FTP site without installing anything on the dealership’s computer system. When neither of these options is available the dealership faxes or e-mails a computer print out of the sales and/or service customers directly to us.

Calls are either started immediately, or delayed 3 – 5 days depending on the dealership and the manufacturer’s survey process. Again, each dealership determines the process Fleetwood & Associates, Inc. follows.

Because we are flexible, we allow our dealerships to dictate the scripts and the questions we ask the customers, changing the questions as often as necessary. However, based on our years of experience we are completely confident in giving advice and suggestions.

Fleetwood & Associates, Inc. has no monthly retainer fees, no set up fees and no contracts. We bill at the end of each month.