Customer Service Follow-Up….
Your Key to Success

Effective customer satisfaction follow-up is the “key” to converting people into “your customers.” Fleetwood & Associates, Inc. is YOUR link to each and every customer.

Since 1994 Fleetwood & Associates, Inc. has served as the professional link in showing customers your appreciation for their business.

How does your customer service program rate…..

  • Do you and/or your staff establish rapport with each customer?
  • Do you know how each customer perceives your business?
  • Do you know how each customer was treated while in your business?

How does your customer communication rate…..

  • Is each customer thanked appropriately for his/her business?
  • Do you know whether or not your staff treats each customer with the respect he/she deserves?
  • Do you have a follow-up system to verify that each customer is pleased with the product/service received?

Call Fleetwood & Associates, Inc. today to see how we can fill a niche in your customer service program.